X17 x Enfu

Redd Walitzki & Carl Faulkner graciously along with Johnathan Wakuda Fischer helped put together the "Under the Influence" show at the 619 Bldg X17 Studio on the 4th floor.  The show will be taken down soon but it was fun while it lasted!

Here are the pix from the show, lots of great people turned out!  I met some really genuine awesome people, artists, students, musicians, and am really excited about making some more art now!

Cameron Nagashima, Jonathan Wakuda Fischer and Enfu!  Not pictured, Noah Beasley!

Rocked out....

More pix after the jump.

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Enfu @ Chiso

Chiso Sushi is in the heart of Fremont.  (map) And the heart of Fremont now carries more Enfu artworks through our unusually hot Seattle summer period of July and August.  Check it out, add it to your bucket list.  Or you can be lazy and view my Flickr Photo set here.  ;P  Prices and Dims info attached to Flickr image descriptions.  Go tell sushi chef Hiro that Enfu sent you!

Yakuza Kewpie (893QP) Puris

This Puris images is tilable.  Which means if you bought many of them and put them side by side the image would continue.  Of course if you were to buy many you must be made of money because at $500 a pop the Puris' home only goes to the select.


If you're interested in purchasing any of these prints please send me a message.

More pix after the jump.

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Enfu x SakuraCon 2010

I had a blast at Sakura-Con.  Met lots of new people from all walks of life.  Simply observing from my corner booth I got to see what it means to have no inhibitions and see all types of people express themselves creatively.  A lot of the costumes were very well made, you could tell a lot of time and effort were put into these things.  I also saw many supportive parents chauffeur their kids, make costumes for them, and even participating with them.  Hats off to them.  Below are my choice picks of the pix from Sakura-Con.  The rest of them can be found at my Flickr Set.

The Enfu Booth.


Afro Samurai.

The Depps.


More pics after the jump....

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Enfu at Sakura-Con 2010

Enfu will be at Sakura-Con 2010 at booth #430, this will be my second Sakura-Con appearance, and by the response I got from the fans I think it could be an annual thing.

I will be selling my poster prints, stickers, wall decals, and pins.  There will be a ton of freebies like magazines and postcards that will go quick.

I also will be doing some quick sketches for people as well so bring your sketchbooks if you'd like.

If you need a refresher on what Sakura-Con is like this picture pretty much sums it up for me.


Enfu x RPS show Pix!

Thank you all for making this show very special.  I had a blast.  Good Music (DJ FEVER ONE), Good Food (Anthony Hubbard), Great Shoes (RPS), and great people (you guys)!

Here are some pics taken by Chikara.

Canvas Prints (limited edition of 12)  and Giclees (limited edition of 50) are exclusively available through RPS.  If you want to reserve your copy call: (206) 322-2305

UPDATE:  You can view the photo stream here:

Before the show.




Enfu x Jordan 1s

More pix after the jump.

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Hey Ya'll,


Been a while since I posted in the blog section.  I guess its the Artist>Writer side of me.

But a really awesome show is lined up for March 6th 6pm-11pm at Rock Paper Scissors!

6 new Enfu illustrations will be displayed.  Here is what will be offered:  

Limited edition canvas prints (36"x36") edition of 12 only.  Sign up on the sign up sheet to reserve your print.

Limited Edition Giclees (12"x12") edition of 50.  Buy your copy at the show.


If you can please RSVP at the Facebook event page.   Bring your Uwajimaya bags and I will sign them for you.  

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I Fart Rainbow comic debut at Kobo

Thank you all for coming out to see the show.  Officially kicking off the start of "I Fart Rainbow" showing the characters to the public for the first time at Kobo at Higo.  The actual strip will appear in 2010's first Ibuki Magazine.

Here are some pix from the show:


I had commissioned Harue Fujikawa to make me clay figures of Elly and Puri for me to take around with me to pose for my Enfu Flickr pages.  Here they are making their first public appearance posing for the show.  More pix after the jump...

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Blue C Sushi Seattle Downtown x Enfu

Blue C Sushi opened their Seattle downtown branch today!  Its a great location right near the convention center, it's located here.Here are some of the pix of the opening night.  There are a lot of Enfu pieces up.  Thank you Blue C!


I will be adding more pix soon!

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Akimatsuri 2009 x enfu

I was thankful that to participate in Akimatsuri 2009 put on by ENMA.

This year I was selective in what I showed, and had heavy promotional help from UwajimayaIbuki, andBlue C Sushi.

I showed the Niko Niko Boy print with the help of Uwajimaya's new fall designer bag.  They are a limited run of 600 and sell for $4.99 somewhere around/after September 17th.  More details to follow.

Ibuki's debut magazine issue featured all the J-Chix driving people to recognize these before they even came to my booth.

Also many people mentioned they've seen enfu at Blue C both in SouthCenter and in Bellevue.

Thank you all for so much cross promotional opportunities!!  Akimatsuri is one of the bigger gatherings of Japanese Nationals in this region.  I would then say Bon Odori is the biggest gatherings of Nikkei people in the area.  

Cosplay Pix I took at Akimatsuri after the jump...

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Hiroki x enfu

Hiroki is a small dessert and cafe located in North Seattle near Greenlake.  It was a perfect location for a nice cozy enfu opening.  The show runs through September 2009.  Take your little feet and get your body there to view the fu.

I debuted two new pieces here.

1.  Niko Niko Boy Poster / Uwajimaya Designer bag.

I was very lucky to be able to design their fall bag for them, which well be sold at Uwajimaya for $4.99. The bag is limited to only 6,000, so we'll see how fast these puppies sell out.


2.  NihonTown Minis:

I've released many versions of NihonTown, only because of the demand for more.  I've delivered the NihonTown Minis.  These are small snippets of NihonTown on stretch canvas.  They have a branded enfu logo on the back, and are easy to hang anywhere in your house.  They make great gifts and are easy to pick up.  Kobo will carry them starting next week.  More on these on a later post.

You can view the set of pictures from this show here on enfu's flickr page.

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