Hiroki x enfu

Hiroki is a small dessert and cafe located in North Seattle near Greenlake.  It was a perfect location for a nice cozy enfu opening.  The show runs through September 2009.  Take your little feet and get your body there to view the fu.

I debuted two new pieces here.

1.  Niko Niko Boy Poster / Uwajimaya Designer bag.

I was very lucky to be able to design their fall bag for them, which well be sold at Uwajimaya for $4.99. The bag is limited to only 6,000, so we'll see how fast these puppies sell out.


2.  NihonTown Minis:

I've released many versions of NihonTown, only because of the demand for more.  I've delivered the NihonTown Minis.  These are small snippets of NihonTown on stretch canvas.  They have a branded enfu logo on the back, and are easy to hang anywhere in your house.  They make great gifts and are easy to pick up.  Kobo will carry them starting next week.  More on these on a later post.

You can view the set of pictures from this show here on enfu's flickr page.