Enfu x SakuraCon 2010

I had a blast at Sakura-Con.  Met lots of new people from all walks of life.  Simply observing from my corner booth I got to see what it means to have no inhibitions and see all types of people express themselves creatively.  A lot of the costumes were very well made, you could tell a lot of time and effort were put into these things.  I also saw many supportive parents chauffeur their kids, make costumes for them, and even participating with them.  Hats off to them.  Below are my choice picks of the pix from Sakura-Con.  The rest of them can be found at my Flickr Set.

The Enfu Booth.


Afro Samurai.

The Depps.


More pics after the jump....

Crayon Shinchan!  I laughed the hardest.  She was really creative!!!!

Lolita.  She got my best dressed vote.  Very cute.

I have no idea what this was but I had to take a pic.

Beat!!  I love Jet Grind Radio.  He was awesome.


Thanks for coming out folks.  I hope you enjoyed my pics.