Akimatsuri 2009 x enfu

I was thankful that to participate in Akimatsuri 2009 put on by ENMA.

This year I was selective in what I showed, and had heavy promotional help from UwajimayaIbuki, andBlue C Sushi.

I showed the Niko Niko Boy print with the help of Uwajimaya's new fall designer bag.  They are a limited run of 600 and sell for $4.99 somewhere around/after September 17th.  More details to follow.

Ibuki's debut magazine issue featured all the J-Chix driving people to recognize these before they even came to my booth.

Also many people mentioned they've seen enfu at Blue C both in SouthCenter and in Bellevue.

Thank you all for so much cross promotional opportunities!!  Akimatsuri is one of the bigger gatherings of Japanese Nationals in this region.  I would then say Bon Odori is the biggest gatherings of Nikkei people in the area.  

 Cosplay Pix I took at Akimatsuri after the jump...