Enfu @ Chiso

Chiso Sushi is in the heart of Fremont.  (map) And the heart of Fremont now carries more Enfu artworks through our unusually hot Seattle summer period of July and August.  Check it out, add it to your bucket list.  Or you can be lazy and view my Flickr Photo set here.  ;P  Prices and Dims info attached to Flickr image descriptions.  Go tell sushi chef Hiro that Enfu sent you!

Yakuza Kewpie (893QP) Puris

This Puris images is tilable.  Which means if you bought many of them and put them side by side the image would continue.  Of course if you were to buy many you must be made of money because at $500 a pop the Puris' home only goes to the select.


If you're interested in purchasing any of these prints please send me a message.

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Enfoodle Remix Niko Niko Boy