SDCC 2016 Recap

Wow I've been neglecting the blog portion of this website for quite some time! Well it's time for a Comicon Recap, last year I wrote my postmortem and added to the lessons I've learned so ya'll can learn from them. If you're like, "just show me the pictures already", then here you go, here is a link to the full album.

The build up of this year so far from tabling at Sakuracon, Emerald City Comicon, and JAMAF, was to bring my new ENFU STICKER LINE to market. I enjoy AB testing these at conventions. Here are the lessons I've learned from my observations...after the jump.

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ECCC2015 Wrap Up

ECCC Islanders! We quested, conquered, picked up all the loot, gained a bunch of EXP. Thank you all of the patrons that supported us with words of praise and/or with green scrolls with numbers on them. Most of us foolishly chose this path because we discovered some rare form of magic where we would imbue items with some scratches and it somehow increases in value. The Seattle Channel started shooting a min documentary of Enfu and shots from last year's footage of us setting up can be seen. Pictured below are my friends who we all shared our booth Island with. Crayon Monsters, Rooster Monkey, Frank Capezzuto III, Isaac Hannaford, Ryan Lee, Nick Southam, Akio Segawa, Shiek Wang & Wendi Chen. If you're thinking of getting a booth at a convention, here I've compiled a bunch of tips from my 9 years of doing booths.

If you'd just like to view the full flickr album you can go here. Otherwise more pics after the jump.

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SDCC 14 Write Up

This was my second Comicon (SDCC) and even though we were more prepared it was a marathon. 5 straight days of standing, passing out business cards, hustling and putting together plays. Selling things are hard, but as an Artist you have to be visible and identifiable. Here is our group photo of our island booth #1729 (sans Mari, but I will include a picture of her later). Pictured (left to right): Enfu, Aaron Brown, Eric Nakamura, Crayon Monsters, Dean Gojobori, Kat Rivera, Jeremiah Ferrell.

Here is the pic of my quadrant of the booth before the storm.

Got a lot of "Sugoi"s from the Katsuya Terada upon seeing the sample of my book Enfu: Cute Grit.

More pix after the jump!

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