SDCC 14 Write Up

This was my second Comicon (SDCC) and even though we were more prepared it was a marathon. 5 straight days of standing, passing out business cards, hustling and putting together plays. Selling things are hard, but as an Artist you have to be visible and identifiable. Here is our group photo of our island booth #1729 (sans Mari, but I will include a picture of her later). Pictured (left to right): Enfu, Aaron Brown, Eric Nakamura, Crayon Monsters, Dean Gojobori, Kat Rivera, Jeremiah Ferrell.

Here is the pic of my quadrant of the booth before the storm.

Got a lot of "Sugoi"s from the Katsuya Terada upon seeing the sample of my book Enfu: Cute Grit.

More pix after the jump!

Met the talented Pierre Bernard Jr. from Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

 Met Gavin Aung Than from Zen Pencils, he was surprised I recognized him...but of course!

Mari Inukai rocking the Enfu Snaps. きゃーめちゃんこかっちょええ!

Enfu's debut of our new billfolds!

The crew (sans Mari...again) post clean up. Look how happy and relieved we look!

I had a blast, thank you team Giant Robot for the experience. Also, thank you fans for stopping by and always showing your support from all over. Cons are a time where I get to really interact with people and physically see reactions to my work in real time. You've made it all the way to the end. Here is the link to the full SDCC14 album on Flickr. Enfu out!