ECCC2015 Wrap Up

ECCC Islanders! We quested, conquered, picked up all the loot, gained a bunch of EXP. Thank you all of the patrons that supported us with words of praise and/or with green scrolls with numbers on them. Most of us foolishly chose this path because we discovered some rare form of magic where we would imbue items with some scratches and it somehow increases in value. The Seattle Channel started shooting a min documentary of Enfu and shots from last year's footage of us setting up can be seen. Pictured below are my friends who we all shared our booth Island with. Crayon Monsters, Rooster Monkey, Frank Capezzuto III, Isaac Hannaford, Ryan Lee, Nick Southam, Akio Segawa, Shiek Wang & Wendi Chen. If you're thinking of getting a booth at a convention, here I've compiled a bunch of tips from my 9 years of doing booths.

If you'd just like to view the full flickr album you can go here. Otherwise more pics after the jump.

Part of my booth, the second day I moved all the 12x12's up higher because they blocked my view of people.

Our tradition of going to one of our favorite izakayas Issian on 45th street. We talk about our days, share war stories, and just enjoy each other. We are generally absolutely exhausted.

I'm happy people use my enfu stick chat app, and even through that cracked screen! I also got a glimpse of the other apps she liked. I'm in good company.

We intentionally try to follow a simple design principle in our fabrics. Contrast intense busy colorful patterns with empty space. You'll see that on our plushies and our wristlets. The vinyl backs also make for great blanks to draw on. Thanks for bringing them all by to get signed!

These are much harder to sign, but I'll sign anything.

Seeing as much of my art is now something that makes my daughter smile, I'm glad to know that it translates to other kids.

I love conventions because you get to see who connects with your work.

My Who's Cute Leggings from Tee Fury out in the wild! Always thankful for people coming up to me and telling me how much they love what we had made.

Along the same lines, my Ghiblets shoes also made an appearance. I've never signed a shoe before.

Enfuception. Signed a clear wristlet with enfu buttons over the Enfu Cute Grit book.

Page 49 of the Monsters and Dames 2015 book! Many of you came by hunting for signatures. Thanks for supporting such a great cause!

Sometimes you make poopy things. We literally did, and I signed them both.

Signature beneath the dual Enfu E-Wings of our new line of Enfu shirts. These shirts are not yet available for sale online. BUT, hold tight, because they eventually will be.

Signing the underbill of our Enfu Snaps Hats. You can get your customized ones here too.

More Enfu Snaps Hats, top view. These snaps are collectible and snap off and on. Hand made, made to order.

Fan art. Parody via transformation. I have a mixed range of parody, comics, hybrid mashups, and original art. 

This wraps my long post about ECCC2015. Thank you again for such a great show!