Enfu Sightings in the wild.

There are lots of sightings of my stuff out in the wild, there is a section called enfu sightings where I post all the pics that are sent to me.  Check it out.

Looks to me like this was in a parking lot.

I like it when people show me where they stuck their stickers.  Thanks!


 Also I saw a range of people walking around with the Uwajimaya Bag that is almost sold out.  

This kid had bought my sticker and pin and put it on the bag.  He picked up the J-Chix Eri sticker.  Thank you!  The stickers are available at Kobo and the J-Chix Eri sticker is available at Blue C Sushi.

More pix after the jump...

I signed a lot of Uwajimaya bags at SakuraCon.  I was happy to, thanks for picking up the bags!  The poster of the illustrations are available here.