Authentic Japanese

Often times I get asked where I think the best sushi is in Seattle.  Its a fair question, because it usually comes after me saying "Ask me where you think the best sushi in Seattle is?"

But what I really think they'd want to know is what does a Japanese* person think a good Japanese restaurant is?  I know this because I can read their mind. 

So I wrote this comic which is up in my comics section, but I thought I'd take the opportunity to plop a blog entry on this.

Trying not to sound too pretentious I usually give people what eateries I like, but with the caveat that I don't get around to eat at all places.  I am a Foodie, but I'm no cook nor professional critic.  

But what I suspect we all think we want is an authentic experience.  Its always annoying to hear people say that this (insert food item) isn't as good as (motherland).  I never expect the sushi to be as good in Seattle as what I had at Tsukiji, nor do I expect a great burger in Tokyo like the local Red Mill Burger.

I don't care if the waiter/waitress speaks Japanese or pronounces everything on the menu correctly.  I don't care if my tea comes in a bag or poured.  I don't care if I sit on a tatami floor.  I really don't care if the sushi chefs are Hispanic, or the owners are Korean or White.  I don't care if the Kansai style plate is served in a Tokyo themed place.

All in all what I really care about is enjoying a shared experience with those I eat with.  That makes my experience authentic.

*-I consider myself Japanese American.