I am thankful

Thank you Blue C Sushi for giving me so much exposure & selling my prints at their downtown location where all four walls are covered with my stuff.
Thank you Ibuki magazine for allowing me to have a comic where I get to say stupid unfunny weird stuff just cause.
Thank you Kobo for always being willing to carry all my prints and really being my HQ for all my prints.
Thanks you Uwajimaya for allowing me to make a bag of a place where as a kid I felt some sort of cultural validation.
Thank you Bluebottle Art Gallery, Wing Luke Asian Museum, Compound Art Gallery, Split Obsession, Rock Paper Scissors, Giant Robot, and Hiroki's for finding ways to collaborate with me.
Thank you to all my supportive coworkers, I respect so much being able to be surrounded by your talent.
Thank you fans for being so enthusiastic about my works, reminding me why I do things.

And most of all I thank my family for always being so supportive of my hobby which has taken me  so many places.

Can you tell I'm in a thankful mood?