Lomography in Japan part 2: Akihabara

Akihabara to me has a special place in my heart.  Every trip I make to Japan since a teenager I make a point of coming here to pick up the latest and greatest.  Its since become one center for the otaku subculture.  

more Akiba Lomos after the jump.

This is one of the first sights you see when you come out of the Akihabara station.

When I used to come here as a kid, I used to carry around a Rail Pass my parents bought me.  The Rail Pass is only available for non Japanese visiting Japan.  This can be a real deal if you're planning on traveling a lot.  I used to quickly show the Rail Pass to the station attendant on the side and they never really look to check the valid dates.  However due to the number of foreigners that go through the Akihabara station the attendants there check thoroughly the Pass.   

The thing is with this camera is that the edges of the pano have a tendency of blurring alot, which some say is the charm and the signature of a Lomo.  I don't mind it because it is a look only a Lomo lover can appreciate.

The backside of Akihabara showcases the most interesting vintage landscape.

This coffee shop was great.  I try to avoid the Starbuck's and hit the more local cafes.

This area is an otaku playground.