Marlboro Matchsticks

I'm no smoker, so I see no appeal in carrying a Marlboro brand of matchsticks, but as a person who appreciates great packaging design I truly appreciate this item.

I should have taken a picture with a coin next to it to show the scale.  Also the strike strip was placed along the bottom of the box. The box itself feels very stiff and is around the size of a little box of tic tacs.

The package declares this pack of smokes to be Ice Mint flavored.  

But when you open it a row of nice icey mint looking matchsticks.

Tightly packed with precision, covered in sawdust or something.  

Now I have no use for a match at this point but I thoroughly enjoyed lighting a couple matches.  Mainly because I wanted to see if they would light up all ice minty.

They light up like regular matches...bummer.  But I was still very impressed with how interesting a box of matches could be presented.