Japanese Variety TV - a primer

 I love Japanese Variety shows.  The whole entertainment structure differs from the US in that they have "Talento", a self identified group of entertainers.  Since they are essentially entertainers they entertain us in all things...TV, radio, movies, dramas, commercials, talk shows, game shows, documentaries, ...everything.  There is no equivalent here in the US.  The advantage this holds for these Talento is that the average viewer begins to recognize and become fans and follow their entertainment from channel to channel, show to show, decade to decade.  This broad range these entertainers carry in my opinion the success of many shows that just don't work in countries without this structure.  More on that in a different post.

Every so often the Japanese have a tv marathon to boost ratings, which they call 27 hr television.

This year's marathon for the show Mechaike included Akashiya Sanma  & Beat Takeshi

This segment started with an introduction to a special 'artist'.

Takashi Okamura appears in the bottom corner so the viewers can get his reaction to whats coming next.

What appears to be Beat Takeshi painting on canvas....

Turns out to be a car...but not just any car...its his car.  And then while everyone is laughing at his misfortune, including the emcee Sanma...the camera reveals....

That his car is being used to prop up Okamura's car...notice his reaction.  All this while Beat Takeshi continues to paint his car.

They have a history of pranking each other, and Sanma's car finds a way of becoming the victim in all the pranks.

As common with many of these shows they fill the stage with as many recongnizeable faces to increase ratings.

Beat Takeshi continues to provoke Sanma by liberally splattering the cars and the insides as well.  

Since he was on a different floor Sanma & Okamura ran up to the studio room to stop him.  Beat Takeshi then hops in the Benz backs up and hits the metal stand, and the speeds off trying to drop Okamura's car.  Which leads to Beat splashing Sanma with red paint (top picture)....and a paint fight between the two.  

Which leads to a paint fight where the fringe guest Talento start to get camera time.

It ends with Beat Takeshi getting the last laugh by him continuing to damage Sanma's car.

This all is obviously scripted in some parts and not so obviously scripted.  But in the end its still entertaining.