Enfu & Wing Luke Asian Museum

Introducing Milkie Roll.  Come get your Milkie Roll on. 

Tootsie Rolls and Milky are both very iconic chewy candies of Chocolate and Milk flavor. 

The girl in the background is the mascot for Fujiya’s Milky candy.  She alone is a very recognizable as a childhood symbol of candy in Japan.

Milkie Roll is meant to be childhood innocence concentrate.

More works in progess shots and a video clip after the jump:

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Emerald City Comicon 2009 Recap

ECCC was great this year.  Thanks for all your support.


 We had a record turnout for [Redacted] Artists:

Milton Cadogan, Robt McLees, Lorraine McLees, Tom Doyle, Frank Cappezuto, Shi Kai Wang, plus Issac Hannaford came and joined us along with many other [Redacted].  We ended up signing a few [Redacted] books and figures, but our time was mostly spent just selling prints, drawing, or chatting it up with peeps.


Some more pics after the jump.

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DIY Enfu.

I spend a lot of time researching.  Whether it be looking for reference images for me to base my illustrations off of, or how to make something, it all has to be gathered information.  Sometimes I'm lucky enough to have a resourceful colleague giving me sweet droplets of pure concentrated aged wisdom.  But most of the time I'm on my own to find things out for myself.

So I've gathered a lot of hopefully useful information and mainly links for all you DIYers out there.  Links of services I'd like to use and of services I have used.  I'm not being paid to recommend them, I like sharing good finds and hopefully it will save you time.

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Previewing my next 3 illustrations

This is a quick preview of the next three illustrations now available to purchase at Kobo of Seattle.

I'm just going to show these here now, and they will make their way to the catalogue section when they are available to the public online in a couple weeks.  Until then please get them at the only place you can at the moment:  Kobo.

"En Fu Bar":

Japanese Vending Machine hybrid illustration.

A couple more illustrations after the jump:

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Linocuts for noobs...like myself.

I remember taking woodblock printing as part of art class in school in Japan.  I know there is a lot of toil that goes into carving alone.  I've always known of lino cuts from reading about it in this book that got me seriously thinking about printmaking as a viable creative outlet.

After attending an Rei Morimura's print demonstration at Azuma Gallery and having hands on experience with printing from his lino cuts, I thought it was finally time for me to take the plunge.  I hear some artists call their prints woodblocks when they are technically lino cuts.  More on this later.

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The making of "Den Bus", "Deko Rig", & "Gomi Tora"

Each screenprint series I do I make sure I try to encorporate a new technique so at least I can learn something from it.  One thing that screenprinting offers artists is a nice set of hard restrictions to work with.  First of all you are restricted by the costs of printing per color.  The below picture are the blended colors for the second pull.  More pictures after the jump.

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The making of "Tako Truck"

This is Enfu's first print and what kicked started Enfu for me.  I'd never done a screenprint on paper before so it was a learn as you go type experience.  


I spent a lot of time researching Taco trucks & Ramen stands by taking photos.  Then I came up with many sketches on how to make an interesting combination of both.



After coming up with iconic visuals of both these stands that I was happy with I then would digitally clean up and do color separations for the piece.


After adding crop and registration marks on all the negatives I had it printed on special paper.  More photos of my process after the jump.

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Japanese Male Cheerleaders seen as masculine

I found it interesting how different things can be in two cultures.  When one thinks of cheerleaders in the U.S.A., we associate the stereotypical popular female in high school.  Kind of a symbol of popularity and femininity.  

Although this kind of cheerleader also exists in Japan as it modernized and adopted more Western cultural practices, its traditional Ouendan (???) style of cheer leading is held by men and they were seen as masculine and cool.  

Here is video of them at work.  It usually involves shouting to a drum beat and intricate hand movements. 


I also included this stark comparison within the "Nihontown" illustration.

Also filed under "Works in Progress" because this is the story behind the image.

Blue C Sushi @ SouthCenter soft opening

I was fortunate to be able to make this mural for Blue C Sushi last summer so I'll post the pics of the soft opening:

I've been waiting for a good Kaiten Sushi restaurant (conveyor belt sushi) in the Seattle area.  If you're a long time like myself you'll know you've been putting up with Marinpolis for a long time.  I've been to Marinpolis many times myself but it was never to me a place I'd go for Sushi.  If you've never been they have a Blue C Sushi in Freemont, University District, SouthCenter, ...and coming soon to Bellevue!

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Qee design

 I entered into a contest to design a Qee a couple years ago, so I thought I'd show the pictures of my first attempt ever to design a vinyl figure.  Well...just paint a vinyl figure. 

Artists generally like to dabble in many things creative, and this was another opportunity for me to try something new.

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