Blue C Sushi @ SouthCenter soft opening

I was fortunate to be able to make this mural for Blue C Sushi last summer so I'll post the pics of the soft opening:

I've been waiting for a good Kaiten Sushi restaurant (conveyor belt sushi) in the Seattle area.  If you're a long time like myself you'll know you've been putting up with Marinpolis for a long time.  I've been to Marinpolis many times myself but it was never to me a place I'd go for Sushi.  If you've never been they have a Blue C Sushi in Freemont, University District, SouthCenter, ...and coming soon to Bellevue!

I've not been to every single sushi joint in the Pugeut Sound region so I cannot definitively give any endorsement.  But what more endorsement can I give when I did the mural for the nice folks at Blue C?


The design of the store is simply hip to begin with.  I mean the lighting and their use of color, space, and video are very hip and modern.

Its almost like the new hangout.  Its like the Japanese version of Dim Sum...sit and eat right away, but without constantly being bombarded with dejected faces of dim sum waitresses when told 'no thank you' to every other dish brought in front of you (don't get me wrong I love Dim Sum).  The only problem is when these places are packed...wait in line.

The prices are straight forward, color coded per plate.  Also there is a chip under every plate on the belt, so they know if a dish has spent too much time on the belt they will pull it off immediately.  No non fresh products here.

Even comes with a nice looking loungy bar area.  Nice.

Here I am with Blue C Sushi co-owner Steve Rosen.  

The total dimensions of this piece was 5ft tall x 25 ft wide.

The whole piece takes time to take in.  

The whole piece start to finish took around 120 hours to make over a period of 3 months.  I am only one man, one man with a full time job.

So signing this piece and at the soft opening was like a weight off my shoulders.