Enfu & Wing Luke Asian Museum

Introducing Milkie Roll.  Come get your Milkie Roll on. 

Tootsie Rolls and Milky are both very iconic chewy candies of Chocolate and Milk flavor. 

The girl in the background is the mascot for Fujiya’s Milky candy.  She alone is a very recognizable as a childhood symbol of candy in Japan.

Milkie Roll is meant to be childhood innocence concentrate.

More works in progess shots and a video clip after the jump:

 Since this is an oversized poster, very large, it needed to go through this machine.


I have my screenprints done locally here in Seattle.  I've had the D&L Screenprinting house screenprint most all my works.  They are known for doing a lot of gig posters and their walls are adorned with many famous gig poster artworks!

Here is the first pull of 9 pulls.  The first layer is a blend.

On the drying rack between pulls. 

And the final product all nice and framed in the Wing Luke Asian Museum's Kid's Exhibiti area until December 2009!

The prints are now available at Wing Luke Asian Museum gift shop:


Also available at Kobo.

Milkie Roll edition of 60:

Dims: 34"x34"

Price:  $200 without frame / $545 framed museum quality

Mini Milkie edition of 50:

Dims:  28"x12"

Price:  $40