12th man poster

Even as a 12, I did not expect 43 to 8, and neither did the world. The Hawks blew me away on all fronts, and I couldn't be prouder. SO...I made this poster. I am NOT selling it, but will be giving it away over time by dropping a limited stack of them in local businesses. I DO have some higher res images in my Seahawks Flickr set for anyone to use. Here is my process of how I made them.

I announce where I will be dropping them a couple days in advance on my facebook fanpage so like to follow content. Oh and I run a Request Friday contest every friday where I select a guided suggestion and I pick a winner to draw and show on Monday morning. Winner gets sent a free random poster pack too.

I'm tying this poster to a promotion of my upcoming full color monograph "Enfu: Cute Grit." If you pre order it (HERE) you will get a little drawing in it by me, my signature, AND a free 12th man poster. This book ships later this fall, you will get it in your hands weeks before it hits bookstores world wide this fall.