Mini Seahawks process

I was moved by our Seahawks Superbowl 48 win. We're all so proud of our Hawks!! I couldn't just stop drawing with just our 6 ProBowl selection, so I drew 25 of them. I couldn't draw all of them, but I have 25. I am making a 12th man poster using these 25 MiniSeahawks and will be making drops to local businesses for you to pick up for FREE! Quantities will be limited and the information of when and where the drops will take place will happen on my Facebook Fan page, so tune in there for more info!

There are only going to be 2 ways you can get your hands on this free poster, by making it physically to the drop in time to get it, OR get it with a pre order of my upcoming art book Enfu: Cute Grit. Details coming soon.

Thanks for liking my page and I pledge to continue to make fun stuff.