Penny Arcade x Enfu

My book is out in the wild at many bookstores, both brick and mortar and online outlets. Currently there is only one place you can get the book online already signed and embossed: Penny Arcade online store! I've been a reader of PA's comics ever since being introduced to it back when I started in the video game industry over 12 years ago and have been a fan ever since. I also get to enjoy PAX as an attendee and I get to harvest ideas and motivation from the creative products the game industry produces. 
I'd like to share also my memorable experiences shared at the PA office. When Bungie and Penny Arcade squared off for their ping pong tournament as seen here on this PATV Season 1 Episode 10 I joined my comrades to cheer on our team but mostly test the nerves of the home team by trying to be as disruptive and annoyingly 80's as a distraction. You'll have to see the episode to see how that turned out. You can see me in this thumbnail wearing a pompadour wig and mustache looking ridonculous.