Enfu Drawing Process Timelapse

ENFU Cam Timelapse from Ken Taya on Vimeo.

This footage is part of an upcoming mini documentary by the Seattle Channel on Enfu. Can't wait!

This sticker, as well as thousands of others are available for you to send via text from my ENFU App for the iOS! You can get the App and rate it here!

The final result is this image, normally the average creation time for one sticker is 30 minutes, but this one took probably close to 45 minutes. I've been doing drawing demos as well as demoing my proprietary pattern making software (more on this at a later date), my next event will be at the Asian Art Museum doing a drawing demo as well. The Asian Art Museum now also carries my book and is running an awesome show you should all see from Kai Kai Kiki's Mr.