Nihontown Canvas Print available online.

Enfu is pleased to announce the Enfu Stretch Canvas Print is now more accessible to my out of state and International buyers!  The canvas print already made is huge and makes it very difficult and expensive to ship.  Also when collectors fly overseas to buy art on vacation, they'd bring back a rolled up version of the canvas to have it stretched/framed locally.  

Now rolled up with my signed, numbered vertical canvas bar you can drop by any frame store and have them make it for you, having them including the vertical bar in the frame.   


enfu print # 21 V3:

Limited Edition Stretch Canvas Print

edition size: 500

print date: 07.30.2008

dims: 12"x60"x1.5"

Cost: $450+ ( $30 S/H)

The fully framed version of this print is available at Kobo Bluebottle at $500.

This item sold directly from will include the canvas print unstretched, vertical support frame bar signed, numbered, and branded, and a certificate of authenticity.  Also included will be basic guidelines for the frames this canvas was made for.  This makes shipping much easier for both of us. 

Nihontown stretch canvas print UV matte coating plus signed, numbered, and branded vertical bar is included for the frame. This needs to be taken to a frame shop and they need to know the following: The dimensions on the frame are 60”x12”, medium canvas stretcher bars (1.5” thick). There need to be two vertical bars, one of which is the one I include in the shipment. The vertical bar is made a little longer so it needs to be shaved down, depending on the way the framer decides to frame it. The cost to frame will vary greatly depending on your local frame shops, so shop around.