Sakuracon 2009 recap

Sakuracon was like one of my new illustrations.  Color explosion.  I was blown away.  

This year was my first year at Sakuracon ever, and I had an exhibitor booth.  I just watched people pass by it was amazing.  I would say more than any other place I've exhibited, Emerald City Comicon or Akimatsuri, Sakuracon by far had the most people reacting to my works.  It was a great feeling, thanks.  The most popular prints by far were 'Nihontown' and the new 'EnFuBar' prints.  The new prints will be posted in the catalogues section soon.  Until then the only place you can get them in the Seattle area is at Kobo.


More pics after the jump...

You can enjoy the rest of the pics here at my Sakuracon Flickr set.