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Rose City Comicon 14 Recap

My first Rose City Comcion donezo. I had a blast. I got to meet a lot of new people and expose my works to a different crowd. This was a cozy con, not so packed and hectic as some, which made it way more chill. This was the Con that I actually had my book Enfu: Cute Grit physically out for sale. (We will be sending out pre orders this week so thank you for your patience) 

We drove down Saturday morning at 5:30am, and we arrived 8:50am, but by the time I got to the booth it was 9:20am and the show opened at 10! So with much haste I was able to eek out a booth.

Finally people digging into the book which held a decade of all my work.

We made a place to have me draw a picture in back. I also embossed each book as well!

Even had a couple Uwajimaya Bag signings!

Scottie Young picked up my book, it made my day! Thanks Scottie, I'm a fan too!

I also got to meet Kira from KiraKiradoodles. I gushed cause I love her patterns. We discussed my approach to surface design and pattern making. She's awesome.

My compatriots Akio Segawa and Nick Southam working hard on their sketches!

Thanks for coming out guys. I had fun! Next up....New York City Comicon!


Rose City Comicon 14 x Enfu

Where will I be debuting the Enfu Cute Grit Books? I'll only have 50 of them so first come first serve!



SDCC 14 Write Up

This was my second Comicon (SDCC) and even though we were more prepared it was a marathon. 5 straight days of standing, passing out business cards, hustling and putting together plays. Selling things are hard, but as an Artist you have to be visible and identifiable. Here is our group photo of our island booth #1729 (sans Mari, but I will include a picture of her later). Pictured (left to right): Enfu, Aaron Brown, Eric Nakamura, Crayon Monsters, Dean Gojobori, Kat Rivera, Jeremiah Ferrell.

Here is the pic of my quadrant of the booth before the storm.

Got a lot of "Sugoi"s from the Katsuya Terada upon seeing the sample of my book Enfu: Cute Grit.

More pix after the jump!

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