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Mini Seahawks process

I was moved by our Seahawks Superbowl 48 win. We're all so proud of our Hawks!! I couldn't just stop drawing with just our 6 ProBowl selection, so I drew 25 of them. I couldn't draw all of them, but I have 25. I am making a 12th man poster using these 25 MiniSeahawks and will be making drops to local businesses for you to pick up for FREE! Quantities will be limited and the information of when and where the drops will take place will happen on my Facebook Fan page, so tune in there for more info!

There are only going to be 2 ways you can get your hands on this free poster, by making it physically to the drop in time to get it, OR get it with a pre order of my upcoming art book Enfu: Cute Grit. Details coming soon.

Thanks for liking my page and I pledge to continue to make fun stuff.


12th Man

Go Hawks! Here's to supporting my local team in my way. I drew them with the super powers I imagine them having. I did not have time to draw all the Seahawks so I narrowed it down to the 6 Pro Bowl elected players. I make no $ off these images and I'm giving them away to Creative Commons so enjoy them, thanks for dropping by! I upload new stuff daily on my enfu facebook fanpage and I've listened to the request of people asking for the high res images so I've started with Marshawn Lynch: you can get the high resolution art here for free (click on the link that says Original for highest res). And GO HAWKS!!!


Cute Grit Resin Blocks

Thank you everyone who was able to make it out to the Cute Grit Fremont First Friday. 

As a reminder the show is until the end of January 2014, and my resin blocks are all in the Lobby and the second floor. So if you get a chance, browse. If you'd like to purchase, the rules are posted on the wall. Just take a red sticker provided and put it underneath the piece you'd like to reserve, and then contact me with a pic of the piece. You can pick it up at the next First Friday 1/3/14! Emails are coming in with pics of the blocks people want so better claim yours before there's a dot beneath it!

I made a gif of all the small resin blocks, there are over 300 of them..first come first serve.

There will be a select bunch of them at Kobo, at Giant Robot's MultiMatter Show, and at the Saturn Building.