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Kobo Book Signing



Kinokuniya Seattle Recap

Wow thanks for coming out to my first live drawing event. It always is great to connect to new people. I got to demo my recipe for how I draw in the enfu style. It isn't a secret, it is quite easy to replicate, like any visual form, there is a recipe for how...but not really the recipe for why. Below are some pics from the event:

Its always good to help people associate where they might know you. Uwajimaya!


Toriyama Tribute Show at QPop

My whimsical content is greatly influenced by the world Toriyama Akira creates in his manga Dr. Slump. One of my recent drawings was my own way of paying tribute to his covers. I watched this show growing up, I'm dating myself, and I recently bought the whole series on DVD to recapture that nostalgia. So you can see my excitement for Qpop's Toriyama Tribute show.