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Chibihawks Shirts

Many many many of you wrote me telling me to make shirts. Well here you go! This service takes about 2-4 weeks for production with an additional week to ship these shirts so get them early! 


Beastquake 2

Skittles, sparkles, and BeastQuake 2.0! The large 30"x30" original file is free for you to use to print out to bring to games, or whatever you'd like. I'm just a fan.


Seahawks Season 2014

Go Hawks! In my own way I'm cheering on our Hawks throughout the regular season. So before each game I'd draw how I'd hope the game would end up. Obviously not all games ended up that way, but I've compiled them up in this image below. If you want each individual image I've stored them all in my Seahawks Flickr Album. You can feel free to print them out, use them in any way.

Last year I created this 12th Man poster and I've compiled this gif of the process of me drawing all 25 of the Hawks in that image below. All the Hawks are included in my new book Enfu Cute Grit, which you can buy the signed and embossed copy here