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SDCC 14 Write Up

This was my second Comicon (SDCC) and even though we were more prepared it was a marathon. 5 straight days of standing, passing out business cards, hustling and putting together plays. Selling things are hard, but as an Artist you have to be visible and identifiable. Here is our group photo of our island booth #1729 (sans Mari, but I will include a picture of her later). Pictured (left to right): Enfu, Aaron Brown, Eric Nakamura, Crayon Monsters, Dean Gojobori, Kat Rivera, Jeremiah Ferrell.

Here is the pic of my quadrant of the booth before the storm.

Got a lot of "Sugoi"s from the Katsuya Terada upon seeing the sample of my book Enfu: Cute Grit.

More pix after the jump!

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Find me at booth #1729, I'll be at the Giant Robot booth!


Resin Blocks Now $20!!

We've sold many resin blocks to date, so I want to make these even more accessible to my younger audience who absolutely love them but can't afford it with their allowance. I hear my fans loud and clear, so I will be making these resin blocks available now for only $20 each. Each resin block is a digital print mounted on a 3.5"x3.5" wood block, with a coating of resin left to cure for a couple days. Then it is stamped, signed, embossed, and branded! Each block has a pushpin sized hole in the back which you can just hang on your wall. You can find a random selection of resin blocks at Giant Robot in LA and Kobo in Seattle!! Go and get yours now! First come first serve, what you see is what you get.