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Enfu Cute Grit x GRLA

My book is now out in the wild! My hope is people are enjoying my works, inspired to create more of their own, or excited to see what's next. 

As for me the next couple of months I'll be making appearance at locales that carry my book for signings or for shows. So you can try to catch me there if you've already purchased my book and would like me to sign them.

Right now though I'm posting to mention Giant Robot in LA. Giant Robot was especially a powerful motivator for my personal growth because I was truly inspired and empowered by their magazine. I was always super excited seeing their next issue on the shelves. I was introduced to so many awesome artists like David Choe, Kozyndan, 326, Takashi Murakami, Terada Katsuya, and the content was filled with Asian pop culture. What it came down to was making visible other Asian Americans that I could aspire to, and was a wind in my sails. 

Now I'm proud to say Eric Nakamura wrote the forward to my book, and the book is now on their shelves! 

Support them by dropping by if you're in the LA area or on the web to view their enfu collection! They showcase a ton of local art, books, and prints and if you're lucky you may unearth your next favorite Artist there!


Don’t Display Prices and other Convention Artist’s Tips

I lay out many of my own convictions and mantras (Enfuisms) in my book Enfu: Cute Grit.  
Reading about other Artists' struggles, blaming the cosplayer con go-er without really addressing first what the Artist can do to improve their relevancy, I’ve decided to write about what I do to hustle at conventions and my own struggles to stay relevant and engaging. This post is for Artists at cons specifically, take it or leave it. If I were you, I’d leave it. For you skimmers and TLDR’s here’s the short list up front:
1) Don't display prices.
2) Stand up all day.
3) Profile people.
4) Business cards are bait, chum the ocean.
5) Sell you first then your art.
6) Mine for information.
7) Evolve your layout each time.
8) Literally stand behind your work to strengthen your convictions.
9) “Good art sells itself” is a fallacy. Props & gimmicks work.
10) Count connections before counting money.

1) Don't display prices.

  • This advice is counter intuitive, I know....

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NYCC14 Wrapup

My first NYCC in the Block. Awesome experience, got to meet a lot of great people. Thank you for stopping by my booth!

My brother and I back together as a team. He used to help me during my first Emerald City Comicon back in the day.

Loved this blinged out Trooper.

The preview of the where you may find Enfu products sold!

Also I ended my trip in New York with a book signing at the NY Kinokuniya! Thanks for coming by!