GR x ENFU Book Signing feat. Mari and Sho

I had a great time demoing my drawing process and the pattern making software. Thank you for your support! Here is a recap of the event in pictures. Grabbed some pics from the GR blog post as well! 

The talented Sho Murase and Mari Inukai who did some live sketches, awesome stuff!

Eric trying out the Wacom Cintiq Companion. Seen in the foreground is my spread of new resin blocks. Prints mounted on wood, poured resin coating (cured for a couple of days), signed, stamped, and branded, they are hang ready for your walls!

Showed our work in progress game MatchFu and she was fully engaged with the game. I'm impressed, but a testament to all the kids who've played it so far, it really keeps them occupied for a long time. :)

Here is Mari Inukai's sketch of my drawing demo, thank you Mari!

 If you're in the West LA area you can browse my prints, cards, and book at GR2 or you can see them sold online here. I've dropped off a couple signed books, and you get a free special print with the book!