Emerald City Comicon Booth 802

Hi guys. It has been a long time since I've posted any updates on my blog. This past year I've really been focusing on developing my very own iOS game. I've also been super busy at work with the release of Scribblenauts Unlimited for the WiiU. It is now out in the wild.

As you may know this about me already I make video game environments for a living. I've been now doing this for a decade! I've been doing this Emerald City Comicon for the 8th straight year and since starting I've been lucky enough to be surrounded by my current and former coworkers at 5th Cell and Bungie

Booth 802 is a group of Artists who work in the video game industry. We are representing ourselves and not our company, although some of you may know us more from our work.

Let me introduce you to our 802 group of Artists this year:

Lorraine and Robt McLees, Isaac Hannaford, Milton Cadogan, Scott Kikuta (Crayon Monsters), Akio Segawa, Nick Southam, Ryan Lee, and Ken Taya (Enfu).

Also I believe 3 out of the 10 of us have our illustrations in the exclusive Emerald City Comicon Monsters and Dames book. So please stop by and have us sign our page! 

So mark your maps, find us here!