enfu x wing luke auction 2012

Thanks for coming out to support the Wing Luke, generous patrons!

I debuted the Uwajimaya's "Freshness Seafood" and "Freshness Produce" Diptych canvas prints at the live auction! It raised money for the Wing's Youth Can program, the whole point of the gala.

The bags I was lucky to design will be on sale at stores March 21st.

It was the first of the edition of 25, and it is huge. If you would like to purchase any further editions feel free to contact me.

I got to meet Shannon Lee, the star of the show, and I'm glad she enjoyed my print. I asked if I could somehow work in her dad in an "i fart rainbow" comic.

Also excited to meet Tom Skerritt

I had a blast at the auction, thank you patrons and thank you Wing Luke!