Enfu at the Wing Luke: Asian American Arcade

Check out the Asian Amerian Arcade show at the Wing Luke running from Feb 10th to June 17th.

"Come play! Asian American Arcade follows video games out of the arcades and into an art exhibition, where visitors will discover the creative power of this addictive, interactive medium. See video games and related artworks that explore questions of identity and community, imagination and learning, and the power of play in our lives."

Thanks to GeekWire for covering the show. The opening was great with Chiptunes artist Leeni, and she was rocking it.

My pieces Elly Robo 12Go, Enfu Party, Game Brain Fart, and Bungie Town are displayed there in full.  Also on display is one of the Multiplayer maps I worked on for Halo Reach when I was working at Bungie: Reflection.  Some images of my past professional work making video games can be seen here. I currently work at 5th Cell, and am also working on my own game on the side. I enjoy making what I enjoy consuming: Video Games.