Sakuracon 2011 Enfu Pix

Thank you all for coming out and buying a lot of my prints & gushing, saying you saw my stuff at Blue C Sushi, Uwajimaya, talking about I Fart Rainbow, begging your boyfriends to buy more stuff for you, screaming, taking all my business cards, and buying out all the stock of 3 different posters.  Ok I'm done patting myself on the back, but thank you for patting mine.  You guys keep me going and motivate me to make more new stuff.  

I've compiled a bunch of the pictures I've taken from those who stopped by my booth.  Add me as your Flickr contact, fan me on Facebook, and follow me on Twitter.  For those asking about my credit card reader Square check them out.  Thank you for stopping by:


You can find my catalogue at Magcloud.

More pix after the jump:

 My booth before the storm:

I signed some Uwajimaya bags:

At one point got mobbed.

Thanks for stopping by!

Peace party people see you soon.  

Remember you can always find me in these locations year round.