Ganbaro Japan: Let's go Japan

I drew this in reaction to the 3/11 quake and tsunami disaster in Japan.

The message I intended to illustrate was that of persistent hope.

I took an iconic image suggesting the Sakuma candy tin can which conjures up thoughts of Japan's past , hints at a childhood innocence and children lost, but also an homage to its iconic meaning in the Grave of the Firefly's movie.

The vintage Sakuma drop can symbolizes in this image Japan's recent history of being flattened by war. The vegetation growing from the can symbolizes overcoming that yet again.

Ganbaro Japan means "Let's go Japan". "We can do it".

Many communities in Seattle, especially those associated with Japanese expats, have been doing all they can to raise money for the relief efforts.  I feel so helpless still, and I'm not really great with words, so I had to draw this as a message to my wife, my family, and my friends who are affected by the disaster.  

So to you I say:  頑張ろう。Ganbaro.  

To a better tomorrow.