Artists for Japan Sale!

Yesterday's turnout for Artists for Japan was huge.  Patrons lined up, waited for 40 minutes out in the rain, to support the cause and pick up a piece of work.

I'm so moved by the sheer numbers of people who bought the work, adding to that needing more pieces to replenish the amount sold, I've decided to offer my #1 edition prints for sale today only between 12pm-5pm at Kobo.  The prices are low, either come and find out or call Kobo to buy them over the phone (206) 381-3000.

I'm selling the No. 1 version of these FRAMED limited edition prints:

1.  Denshin Poles #1/100 (Sold out this is the only one left!)

2.  Pikadons Diptych #1/60 (Sold out this the only one left!)

3.  DenBus #1/50

4.  Milkie Roll #1/60

5.  Nihontown Giclee #1/500

These photoprints normally $500 will be $250 for today:

Yebiweiser, SaKeG Remix, Elly Ramen, Enfoodle Remix, 893QP, & Puris.

Also AseCola and U-Bin Box normally $150 will be $50 for today!!

Hope to see you there!