I Fart Rainbow Web Comic Up

So I've finally gotten to release my web comic "I Fart Rainbow".  The comic will appear in print in the free bimonthly IBUKI Magazine released in the Seattle area out in the streets now.

I will update the comic section with ones that have already appeared in print on Ibuki like this one:


Also I will update ones that won't appear on the latest issue of Ibuki (but may in the future) like this one:

Like anything else I do, these comics are just another form of self expression, and satisfies my need to express it.  Being bilingual and bi cultural simply means being exposed to another paradigm, something which I'll continue to explore by comparing, contrasting, and poking fun at both.

In print the Japanese comics will appear in their native layout of vertical, but for the web I've chosen to go with all horizontal for ease of reader use.  

Thank you for your continued support and I appreciate all of it.