Where can I buy your work?

Buy enfu at these brick and mortar locations:

The maps of which can be found on the 'Enfu Finder' nav bar to your right.


Kobo of Seattle

They have all my prints available on display, and they are the only place where you can purchase the Nihontown Canvas Print!  I don't offer the canvas print online because its a really big piece (12"x60") and I don't want to deal with shipping, but Kobo will take care of it for you for $60.


Cakespy is a great gallery with huge range of local artists.  Just walking into the store you'll be bombarded with an assortment of goodies.

Wing Luke Asian Museum

Wing Luke is located in the heart of the International District in Seattle.  They are the only Pan Asian Museum in the United States.  Also, they are the only Museum that carries enfu's work.  :P  Check the gift shop and see the awesome collection of inspiring and empowering art.



Compound Art Gallery

Compound is located smack dab in the center of Hip in Portland.  Walk past the store and if the shoes and designer shirts don't pull you in, the vinyl toys and art pieces will.  Check them out and pick up your local enfu there.