Blue C Sushi Bellevue Grand Opening!

These girls are based off the traditional Kokeshi dolls in Japan.  The name of the series is "KokeChix". This one is of a goth lolita girl.


This one here is titled "En Fu Bar".  Its in the mezanine bar area which connects Blue C with Boom Noodle.  Its a Japanese vending machine filled with a bunch of mixed drinks.  

In the back end of the bar there is a secret private room which houses the "KokeChix Triptych".  Hold your secret society meetings here.

This is from the ground floor looking up to the stairs leading up to the bar.  

Close up of this gigantic mural.  

This is the view from the top of the stairs looking down.

Me signing the KokeChix Triptych in the secret room.

 More posts to come regarding how you can get your hands on my prints of these soon.