ENFU v 1.0.2 Multi-Sticker available now!

 ENFU v1.0.2 is now available to download on the App Store.


  • -Chain together 2-25 stickers to compose fun sticker messages. 
  • -Compose a string of stickers dynamically arranging itself optimized to maximize screenspace. 
  • -Keep adding stickers to the top pink bar 
  • -Touch stickers in the pink bar to delete 
  • -Dynamically adapts to maximize sticker display on screen (see screenshots for examples) 

Let's cover the Multi-Sticker feature a bit more below:
When you get to a single sticker, you should have 3 options to choose from below.
Share, Send Single Sticker, Multi-Sticker. 

Share, Send Single Sticker, Multi-Sticker. 
SHARE allows you to mail or post on Facebook or Twitter. (Resolution set to be higher)
SEND SINGLE STICKER allows you to send one sticker directly via SNS.
MULTI-STICKER brings up Multi-Sticker Composer, details below.

Multi-Sticker brings down the pink composition bar on top and activates Multi-Sticker mode where it allows you to type up to 25 stickers jumping from pack to pack. Touch typed sticker to deleted it. Press cancel to start over. Press send to compose the image which is ready to send.

Below you can see samples of different arrangements maximizing the area the seqence covers.

Plans are to continually add many more sticker packs for you to say all you need to say.