Click Image to take you to my Gumroad page to download the free files.

Click Image to take you to my Gumroad page to download the free files.

I wanted to contribute in my way. So here are the vector file (.EPS) and raster (.PNG) files for the Resist image. You can download it for FREE, yes FREE. And, you can even use it to raise money. Make a product with it, sell it, you have my permission. If you happen to make money off of this art, I would encourage anyone doing so to donate to a cause YOU personally connect with.

R=Blind Justice, E=ACLU, American Values, Arts Education & the Sciences, S=Female Rights, I=BLM, DAPL, and the National Parks Service, S=LGBTQ Rights, and T=Protest and Vote. My Artist name: Enfu is on the Megaphone, please try to keep the art as is, and attribute it to Instagram: @Enfu or #enfu on your social media. 

The causes I care about most are empowering Asian American Artists, and increasing their visibility and representation. So I donate my art and efforts to the Wing Luke Museum as they have effective programs like their after school teen programs like YouthCAN. If you are able, you could also donate directly to their museum.

Again, you have my permission to print this on anything you want and make money off of it. This is something I've wrestled with, because Artists have a legit problem with people stealing their work, ripping them off, and our complex relationship with fan art and intellectual property. Also I don't want to cheapen our collective craft. This is not my intent. My intent with releasing this not only for FREE but encouraging others to make money off of it is my way of contributing to something bigger than profits or my immediate surroundings. I will not police this activity, nor pursue any legal action. Please find a way to leverage this art to raise money or donate it to a cause YOU connect to.

Below are a few vendors I've used to make things with:

If you'd like to order a bunch of stickers for your friends, I've used Sticker Mule in the past and I love the quality and durability of their bumper stickers. Go to Sticker Mule and order a bunch of stickers!

For Heat Pressed shirts we recommend using Stahl's, they make super high quality and colorful digital transfers, check them out here!

If you want to make high quality banners that are durable I'd recommend e-signs, I've used them and am happy with their products.

There are plenty of print on demand services out there for any merchandise you'd like to create, go make some! (I do not get paid for my above recommendations, they are services I've used and are happy with) 

When you click 'FREE DOWNLOAD' or click on the above image, Gumroad will ask you to name a fair price, you can then enter any amount for a donation but add '0' for free. This is how Gumroad sets things up to my knowledge, and I found it was the best vehicle to distribute free downloadable digital files.

Thanks for spreading the word!