The enfu collection.




Floppycat enjoys catching the wind and flying about to the next adventure.

  • Superflat when sleeping, often woken up by concerned passerby thinking it was roadkill.

Coco & Melo

Coco & Melo

Sweet Friendship.

  • Fluffy and sweet marshmallow compliments the dark and bitter cocoa. 

Lazy Dayz

Jooby, Pearl, and Rocky

It's hard to move when sunbathing is your job.

  • Jooby sunbathes to power up, and is a pro at storing energy.
  • Pearl's persistence in trying to motivate Jooby is met with equal resistance.
  • Rocky's sharp edges make for Jooby's favorite pillow.


Ninja Fields

Daikon, Ninjin, Radish, and Ginga.

Grown on a ninja farm, unknowingly all have received battle damage.

  • Daikon always asks for reciprocation, her favorite ask is for someone to scratch her back.
  • Ninjin's anxiety seems to get the best of her.
  • Radish has a small man complex, and always carries a chip on his shoulder.
  • Ginga feels left out because he doesn't have a bushy green top.