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Emerald City Comicon 2009 Recap

ECCC was great this year.  Thanks for all your support.


 We had a record turnout for [Redacted] Artists:

Milton Cadogan, Robt McLees, Lorraine McLees, Tom Doyle, Frank Cappezuto, Shi Kai Wang, plus Issac Hannaford came and joined us along with many other [Redacted].  We ended up signing a few [Redacted] books and figures, but our time was mostly spent just selling prints, drawing, or chatting it up with peeps.


Some more pics after the jump.


Here is a bit of tasty goodness.  "Hey Chippies".  

You can see the full shared Flickr album here.


 Making off with the loot:

He draws like nobody.  Fast and Good.


This dude was hardcore.  It made all of us really happy he stopped by and hung out.


My coworkers.  Its a creative paradise.


We'll do this again next year!  Hopefully with more artists, it will be great. 


Reader Comments (3)

The fisheye camera is cool too.

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